Answers From a Graffiti Artist

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Ask a Graffiti Artist” è un’interessante – e intelligente – articolo in 3 parti pubblicato in questi giorni sul New York Times. Lettori di ogni genere e attitudine hanno inviato domande inerenti l’arte di strada ed in particolare il Writing, alle quali ha risposto niente meno che Lee Quinones.

“Where do you live? I’m sure you won’t mind if we come to your house and paint all over your walls.. its cool, right?”

ma anche

With unemployment rates and poverty at an all time high- the current economic crisis is reminiscent of New York City during the mid 70’s. Graffiti and music were motives of self expression during these tough times. Why hasn’t a splurge of this art form conquered the subways and city streets as experienced 30 years ago?”

Come dire, ogni mondo è paese. Ma merita una lettura.
Check it out here.

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