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chimney Crossroads

The crossroads, the intersection of three paths sacred to goddess Hecate, the place where the illuminated world of the living and the underground one inhabited by shadows converge, finely leads the narration of the subjects of the works: the lore and the superstition, the indissoluble bond between man and nature, myths spread orally, people’s religion, intended as a combination of artifacts and warding gestures.

In addition to the paintings on canvas and the drawings on paper, El Gato Chimney will present a site-specific installation and two masks made with found objects and upcycled fabric.
A catalogue with a text by Michela D’Acquisto and Jean-Pierre Girolami will be available.

26th September / 9th November – Antonio Colombo Arte Contemporanea, Via Solferino 44, Milano, Italy
Opening: 26th September at 18.30
Curated by Michela D’Acquisto

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