Dalek interview – english text

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First of all tell us a bit about yourself.
I live in Brooklyn NY… In a neighborhood called Greenpoint it’s a lovely place I like it. I am 38 years in the making, born under the twins in the land of joe lieberman. I started by accident and will most likely end under similar circumstances.

How your “being a writer / an artist” conditionated your family living?
Being an artist doesn’t factor too hard into the family life. I guess there is a lot of art and things of that nature hanging about that might play in the nurturing of the little ones..We’ll see i guess…

What was your first intro to graffiti and illustration?
For graff… Friends that were doing it…
For illustration, cartoons, comic boks and all of that

What’s the aim of your art work?
To share ideas and instances. To learn how to be a better artist, the more i work hopefully the more the work grows as I figure things out.

Do you work on several different mediums, which one, and why do you prefer?
I work mostly with paints thats what i prefer its just the most hands on for me… I like paint…the color..the texture….its like candy…

Why are graffiti so poorly represented in the world of official art?
I don’t know that it isn’t represented in the world of “official”art, there is a lot of subjectivity that can play into that question..and a lot of historical things to consider.if something isn’t hanging in a museum doesn’t mean it isn’t valid…and just because something is doesn’t give it validity, to worry about it is a waste of time.

What advice would you have for an upcoming illustrator or artist?
Just work…if you believe in what you are doing and you have the passion to do it..then do it…don’t worry about other folks, successes and failures, fame or any of that ***, just focus on working and being a better artist..things will happen as they will.

What are the best and the worst aspect to being an artist?
The best: I get to wake up every day and pursue what I like to pursue…to spend my time investing in myself and my family and not some other folk.
The worst: finding balance and deadlines.

What are your feelings about people (in general), talking about your work ?
Its all good… Its nice to hear what other folks have to say, if they can see things that i can’t it helps me grow in ways i might not if i hadn’t heard what they had to say.

What do you like doing when you are away from work?
I don’t know anymore I work all the time pretty much… When i don’t work i hang out with the family. Relax a bit.
Sleep is good.
The occassional sporting event.
Some skateboarding.

When you started painting graffiti, were you already thinking that art could be a lifestyle for you?
No….it just sort of developed out of that of its own volition. I never had plans to pursue this as a full time thing for a good long while.

When did you realize that you could live on art?
A few years ago.

What’s your feeling about street art you see around the world today?
It’s alright….some good stuff, some crappy stuff, and a lot in between…There is certainly no shortage of it where ever you go.

Favourite food?

Favourite movie?
Die hard 1 and 2…3 is pretty good too i guess.

Please tell us more about your lifestyle. For example describe your typical day.
Its pretty low key.
I wake up, drink coffee, check the news. Check email. Paint, eat lunch, paint, eat dinner, bath the kids, hang out with them, put them to bed, check email, watch tv or something of that nature and go to sleep.
Sometimes i’ll draw, or work on the computer, just depends, whatever there is time for.

What are your plans for future?
Plans never work. And the future is uncertain.Day by day is how things roll.

Grazie a Silvia Reissner & alla Galerie Magda Danysz che hanno reso possibile tutto questo.

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