Does interview

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First of all tell us a bit about yourself.
My writer name is Does. My age is 24. I’m living in Sittard, the Netherlands. My crew is Loveletters.

How and when did you start interesting to Graffiti?
When I was at primary school I was always drawing and playing with letters. In 1997 I did my first illegal piece, but at this time I had really no idea about the scene in my city. Not much later I really got interested in graffiti, because in my neighbourhood I came across graffiti everywhere like the hall of fame in geleen. (a rough place under the railway desolated and overgrown with plants and trees. And some long walls with graffiti with mostly works by Sunk,Poker and Casroc. It gave me the feel which I never lost since then).
In the period 1997-2000 I did no dot so much then, in 2000 I got arrested for making a illegal piece and after that experience I stopped for three years. Another thing that caused me to not be active in the graffiti world was the fact that I got a very severe injury during a match. At that point I was very emotional and down, I could not think of anything else but to get better and make my comeback. In 2003 I made also a comeback on the wall.

What did your family think about your “graffiti career” and what do they think now?
They are very enthusiast. My brother is also a artist. He’s only working on canvas.

How was born your style and how it has been developed during the years?
I started with a basic style and under the influence of several people with whom I worked together like Tumki, Chas and Nash I developed my own Style. It’s a certain development which you go through by drawing a lot. In the beginning I drew a lot of 3d-pieces but later I started to do 2d-pices again and now I try to combine them.

Which were the writers and in generally the artists who inspired your works and your view of the letters’ evolutions?
In the beginning I found everything to do with graffiti interesting, because it was all-new to me. Nash told me a lot about the history. Tumki had a strong influence with regards to compositions and certain ideas. And other important influences came from Swet, Dare, Atom and Can2 (abroad) and Chas , Stain, Nyse, Vens and Sunk (Holland).

Do you feel part of the hip hop scene or is graffiti something quite separate for you?
I’m raised with an other scene, but during the time I get more and more influenced by the hiphop scene.

What influences has your local scene had on your graffiti? How is the writing scene in your country?
In my city there are not many writers at the moment, there are a lot of starters. Most of the old writers are stopped, but there was a scene. At the moment Nash,Tumki and I are the most active writers.

How has painting affected your everyday life?
It’s a perfect Distraction from chores of everyday life.

How big is the role played by graffiti in your life?
It’s big! If I’m busy with it, I can forget everything. Most of my spare time goes out to graffiti.
I’m always busy to develop my style. A few weeks ago I start with full-colour sketches. I’m also busy with a canvas, but I’m a perfectionist, so it takes a lot of time for me. I have enough plans for the future.

What do you think about competition?
It’s always good to have competition with other writers. You‘ll develop your style very quickly, because you’ll be better than the others. Hehe… I love this game! But I’ll never forget that it’s a hobby for me.

What do you think about the role of media?
I’m raised in this time with computers, etc. But if I hear the early stories it has really his charms. Nowadays guys are asking on internet how to use spraycans. I think that you shouldn’t isolate from this. It’s part of everyday life now.

What do you think of street art?
There are really funny and good kinds of street art, but it’s not really my thing.

How important are the friendships to other writers?
Very important! It’s always great to meet nice people and to work with them.

What is the thing that impressed you most in these years of activity?
Last summer I made a trip to Germany, Luxemburg and Switzerland. I was really impressed by the Basel-lines. It was really a dream for me.

Craziest graffiti story:
Last year I did a commercial job with Nash for the Tour de France. We made some enormous letters on the background. In the mean time I was joking about a letter we were forgotten, but we still didn’t check it. After one hour when we were finished, we forget one letter. The result was Tour de Frane….haha it was funny.

Describe your typical day…
My typical day of painting starts the day before with prepare my stuff. Normally I’m working the whole week and in the evening I’m sketching. On every Wednesday and Sunday I’ll try to paint. I’m trying to do two pieces a week.

Apart from painting, what else do you enjoy doing in your free time?
I have a girlfriend and two cats, Does and Tumki. The cats are really cool. My girlfriend as well…hehe, But I like to play with my cats. I have not enough patience for watching movies, but I like to hanging on the bench with my blackbook….hehe.

What are your future projects in general?
I hope to travel a lot and to work with a lot of different people. I try to develop my style and I try to be different.
And I hope that my site will be finished this year. so beware!!

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