Duro: Cause I Am

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Da poco disponibile la prima parte dell’autobiografia di Duro. La cover è francamente orribile, ma la storia recente insegna che queste pubblicazioni autoprodotte e offerte in modo diretto al di fuori dei canali della grande distribuzione sono spesso il racconto più fresco di una storia che è insieme personale e generazionale.
Di Duro scrive Chalfant: Duro’s story is one of survival and it describes events familiar to so many youths in similar circumstances. He lost his friends, Dondi, Shy and Kist and was caught up in a tragic vortex of drug addiction, crime and prison. He experienced a whole array of social pathologies and in the end, after hitting bottom, he began the grueling journey back. Born again in more ways than one, he was able to put his life back together, and return to his life as an artist.

E se l’indice è veramente questo:

1. Truth behind the CIA KINGS.
2. The truth and facts behind the shooting of PG 3
3. The real story behind the Graff wars of the 1980’s.
4. The death of family, and friends
5. The gallery do, and don’ts
6. Fame and destruction
7. Drugs and treatment
8. Vandal squad
9. Friends, enemies, and betrayals
10. Lies and liars

… gli argomenti per far discutere ci sono tutti. Potete acquistarlo qui.

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