Legalmente separati

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…dai vostri compagni di crew.
Potrebbe accadervi se dipingeste a Los Angeles (oltre a quasi 4 milioni di dollari di risarcimento, ovviamente).

Source: DX News – 28.06.2010 – by Danielle Harling

A group of 10 individuals from the Metro Transit Assassins (MTA) tagging crew may soon face a civil injunction thanks to several Los Angeles prosecutors.

The Los Angeles Times reports that if the injunction is granted members of the MTA will no longer be able to communicate with one another, a strict curfew will be given, and members will not be permitted to possess any graffiti tools.

On top of the restrictions just mentioned, the court order also asks for $250,000 in civil penalties and $3.7 million in damages for graffiti done by the MTA tagging crew.

The MTA is responsible for a number of tags across the city, but the most prominent tag was one that ran along the Los Angeles River. The tag was removed last year, but cost the city a great deal of time and money to remove.

The civil suit is scheduled to take place on August 31.

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