MKay interview

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Airone What name/names do you write?

Mkay I write MK, MKay, KTC TFP. The reason why I got that name Mkay is because one day in 1982 I was writing on a piece of paper and my real name is Michael so I was doing a couple of Michael pieces and Mike pieces so when I finished I like the way the Mike piece came out and I just used the “m” and the “k” from my name Mike and started to practice with those letters then I like the name MK. So that’s how it all started.

Airone When did you start writing?

Mkay I started writing in 1982.

Airone What kind of Writing scene do you remember in NY before you started painting?

Mkay The Writing scene I remember before I started writing was when I was going to school I would pass by the 241st. yard and I would see all the colorful pieces and throws down the line from writers like Tkid 170 TNB, Skeme, Dez, Seen UA, Blade, Comet, Iz The Wiz, TMB, Quik RTW, Min RTW, Sach RTW, Duro CIA, Duster UA, Cap MPC, Case TFP and Butch TFP.

Airone Where do you come from? How was your block back in the days, and how do you see it now?

Mkay I was born and raised in the Bronx. My block in the days was cool, I had a lot of good times on my old block. Now I see my old block is different because all the people you grew up with moved away and started a family.

Airone How is it your family background?

Mkay My family background is italian and irishamerican.

Airone Has it been hard to start writing in ’82? Writing was around the city since more than a decade, the competition must have been really high and the mid/late 80’s have been the years when the trains have been cleaned…

Mkay Writing in 1982 was not hard at all, it was fun, a lot of writers was going off on the trains and going to the yards and layups, plus a lot of kids were getting together breakdancing or doing graff on the trains, it was easy getting accepted. Back then in 1982 I did my own way of bombing and motion bombing, layup bombing and going up to the 241st yard plus my brothers Cav Key Tide MPC, used to go under the 238st bridge and bomb, doing pieces under the 238st bridge is were all graff writers used to go to piece or to bomb… even my sister Lady Raid used go under the bridge to write graff.

When the trains started to become more clean I started to do my graff still bombin and going up with a lot of writers doing many pieces and throw-ups, then later on a lot of writers started to disappear and a lot of writers stopped to start a little family and lay back from the graff scene, meanwhile a lot of writers overseas started to come to New York to write graff and rock nice walls and trains.
After the trains were getting clean more, I started to hit them here and there to let the writers know I was still in the graff scene. Plus I was working and living a good life with my family then I always had graff on my mind so I would comeback here and there doing pieces and a lot of throw-ups. The art galleries were doing real good back in the day plus even now.

When I was writing a lot in the 80s, I started to get noticed in books and videos plus I even got fame on a current affair on Channel 5 showing me bombing the trains. I would like to let all the writers know that I will always be known as the true original Mkay KTC TFP in the graff world.

And I also would like to give shout outs to all of my homeboys Tkid 170 TNB WS, Bio TAT, BG 183 TAT, Raz TAT, Cem 2 TATA TAC, Shame 125 TOA, Sak MBT, Kenn TAT TAC, Mack TAT TNB, Rize FBA, Cope 2 KD, Pure FBA, Wane COD, Seen UA, Poem DES KTC, Bem KTC, Json The Mob, Pove GU, Cap, MPC AZ UA, Toe UA, Coke UA, Iz The Wiz TMB, Quik RTW, Min RTW, Sach RTW, Duro CIA, Reas AOK, Milk TFP, Neon TFP, King Case 2 TFP, Butch TFP, Rem 311 JHF, LM4 TGF, Vet TMC, Ces FX, Per FX, Dero, Wips, Ray COD, JA XTC, Ghost, RIS, Smith, Sent TFP, Dose MPC, Blist GU, Gin GU, Abe, Dilinger TNK, Chose TNK, Evol GU, Dusk GU, Limo GU, SM GU, Tone GU, Vaz aka Note KTC, Sar RTW TMB, Ree 2, Moose 106, Nic One AK, Meres, Fuzz One, and my brothers Cav SV, Key COD, Tim, Tide MPC, and my sister Lady Raid.

Airone Who do you feel has been the most influent writer for your evolution?

Mkay A lot of writers influenced me in graff, like Cap MPC, Seen UA, Tkid 170 TNB WS, Min RTW, Quik RTW, Iz The Wiz TMB, Boots 119, Pove GU, Skeme, Dez, Case 2 TFP, Butch TFP, Lee, TATs Crew.

Airone How it was the common people’s feelings about Writing in the early 80s? If you go back to the newspapers titles of that years you can easily see the usual anti-writers campaign. But ok, that’s politics: what about people in the streets?

Mkay Back in the 80s some people in the street were hating graff and a lot of people were loving graff.

Airone Could you please tell us the most crazy story it happened to you while painting?

Mkay The most crazy story in graff for me is when my homeboy Ace TAC and I were in the ghost yard and we were doing a train together. We completed the pieces on our car, when we were bombing the rest of the nite we heard some one coming on the other side of the tracks: it was the workers in the yard trying to sneek up on us so we snuck up on them and started to throw rocks and empty cans of paint at them. Then after that we got out of the yard quickly.

Airone Did you ever had some hard battle with other writers?

Mkay Threw out the years of writing and bombing I had a lot of wars with other writers that was all part of the graff game of bombing, when you get up so much on the trains other writers start to hate on you so they start to cross you out. Some of them would leave their name but most would put hot 110. I am not going to say who I had wars with, but they know who they are.

Airone Have you ever had problems with cops?

Mkay I got caught a couple of times writing graff back in the days.

Airone Did you ever thought to live as an artist like some writers have done?

Mkay In my life writing graff I did a lot of bombing and pieces plus the fame I got in books plus graff videos and graff newspapers, so I made a name for myself in the graff world as the true original MKay KTC TFP from the Bronx.

Airone How old are you, and what are you up at nowadays?

Mkay I am 38 years of age and I work in New York as a doorman. Plus I am getting back in the graff scene doing a couple of walls here and there.

Airone What teaching would you feel to do give to a young kid who’s starting to write now?

Mkay I would tell the younger writers today to work on your style plus always respect old school writers.

Airone What about your style?

Mkay My style was from my home boy Shame 125, he gave me a couple of outlines plus other writers gave me outlines and Cap MPC gave me my throwup style.

Airone How did you get involved in your crews and what happened to the rest of your partners that were down with you in them?

Mkay I met a lot of crews like GU, MPC, SV, TFP, KTC, TGF, RTW, TMB, KD, JHF, UA, TNB, WS, TAT, TAC, TOA, MBT, FBA, in yards and layups tunnel the writers bench that was at 149st Grand Concourse. And before I had a lot of graff partners threw out the years like Ace TAC, SM GU, Limo GU, Tone GU, Evol GU, Des KTC, they all went on their ways to get good jobs and start families.

Some writers that I used to know from back in the days I still talk to here and there to see how they are doing.

Airone What’s your feeling in front of the type of Writing that you see around the world today?

Mkay The Writing that I see today in graff is cool, they all have almost the same style like back in the day.

Airone You got a very nice piece in Spraycan Art: what’s its story?

Mkay The wall that Des KTC and I did in Spraycan Art we planned on doing the wall for the book because I already knew the book was coming out so when Des and I did that wall, Henry came the next day to take pictures.

Airone Which piece of yours do you remember like the most important or beautifull?

Mkay The piece that I did in the ghost yard back in the day with Shame, Cem2 and Bio TAT, that car came out nice plus the wall that Des KTC and I did that got us fame in Spraycan Art.

Airone Is there something you have done in your Writing career that you wouldn’t do it again?

Mkay The only thing that I didnt like in my graff career was jumping on top of the trains if we were getting chased by the cops or workers, but if I had to do it again so be it.

Airone Which is it the best quality in a man? In a women?

Mkay The best quailty in a man is what the man can do for himself and his family and the best quailty of a women is a good hearted and hard working.

Airone Your worst fault?

Mkay I have no faults in life.

Airone The happiest/worst day in your life?

Mkay The happiest day of my life was working at my job as a doorman in New York. And my worst day of my life is seeing on tv the terrorist attack in New York City in 2001 on 9/11.

Airone The nature’s gift you would like to receive?

Mkay The best gift I would like to receive is one day hitting the lotto for millions of dollars.

Airone: What do you hate more?

Mkay The worst thing I hate in life is bills.

Airone Most hated politician?

Mkay I am not into politics.

Airone Who’s your hero?

Mkay My hero in life is god.

Airone Preferite book?

Mkay My favorite book is jaws.

Airone Preferite film?

Mkay My favorite movie is Star Wars movies.

Airone What would you do with some milion dollars?

Mkay What would I do with a million dollars I would invest plus buy a nice big house and put the rest in the bank.

Airone Preferite singer/group/music?

Mkay I like all different kinds of music rock, rap classic rock old school rap r&b.

Airone Preferite food and drink?

Mkay The food I love is hamburger, and my favorite drink is Pepsi.

Airone Preferite city?

Mkay New York.

Airone Preferite artist?

Mkay Favorite artist I like all artists as long as they’re good.

Airone Preferite colours?

Mkay Favorite color is blue like my eyes.

Airone The very first “Writing thing” you remember.

Mkay The first place I did graff was in the 241st yard in the Bronx i went in there and had a couple of spray cans and bombed on a lot of trains, that was in 1982. Plus I started to go under the 238st. bridge in the Bronx and do a lot of throwups and pieces under that bridge.

Airone Your next step.

Mkay My next step in graff is to do some walls here and there and get back into the art scene.

Airone Any last word?

Mkay My closing words are I will always be known as the true and only original MKay KTC TFP from the Bronx. Peace.

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