Rosy One interview

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Why don’t you introduce yourself to the folks? (Tell us a little bit more about yourself, I mean, your name, your story, your crew…)
I am RosyOne. Member of “TheTruthHurts”, “BlowSkyHigh”, and ONT.

How and when did you start? Let’s talk about your story please.
I started in 1989 to draw and with tagging. First name was Mistery. The name”RosyOne” is quite new.

What did your family think about your “graffiti career” and what do they think now?
They don’t care about.

Which were the writers and in generally the artists who inspired your works and your view of the letters’ evolutions?
First i was inspirated by tags on the street, and by a family-trip to berlin (1989), where i made lots of photos.
I started to travel to basel and biel… and i bought some magazines like 14k, OnTheRun, Hype in a record-store in my city.
In 1991 i met two guys named Zambo and Aone they inspired me a lot with their hiphop-philosophy and took me to all the big jams in Germany.
I am absolutely fanatic of newyork-subway-graffiti. Letters has to be classical.

Anyone or anything in the past pushed you to make a particular kind of choices who brought you to a modern style and to your way life?
I never made the choice to paint in a “modern style”,i try to keep it oldschool, but in my way. I try to keep it dirty and fresh like newyork-subway-graffiti.

How was born your style and how it has been developed during the years? Did your style have been influenced by anyone or by anything?
I was very influenced by writers like Dondi, Skeme, GeeOne, Phos, Shek, Amok, JayOne, Seyo, Rens etc… my style developed during all these years, but I am very proud that it didnt change. (i never painted like 3dstyles without outlines). I always painted the real NewYork-Oldschool-Style…

How much traveling is important for you?
I travel a lot. Back in the days i traveled to every jam in europe, and of course i had to visit NewYorkCity. Nowadays I am very lucky to be invited to jams to paint. Its great to become acquainted with writers all over the world.

What do you think about competition?
in my city i have not enough competition. I dont need it for my motivation, but it freshs up everything.

What is (and was) the motivation for writing?
I had to prove me…
and i am looking for the perfect place and style.

How big is the role played by graffiti in your life?
Since I am twelve years old, it s the main thing in my life, and I dont think it will change.

How many girls are there in this scene?
No idea! I know a lot of girls all over the world. But its the same with boy-writers, not allways the best ones have the biggest attention.

Apart from painting, what else do you enjoy doing in your free time?
I draw a lot.
I am collecting old vinyl from the sweetest soul to the tuffest rap-music and old audiobooks on tape. I am collecting everything that remembers me of the hip-hop-golden-age (the 80ies) like shoes, goose-jackets, glasses, boomboxes…
I am always on the run for fun!

What are your future projects in general?
I would love to open a real good hiphop-store.

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