Sean 2 interview

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Hi Sean2 please introduce yourself to our readers.
Hi…I’m Seantwo, I’m from a small village next to Lausanne (Olympic Capital), a little city at the edge of Geneva lake in Switzerland…I’m born in 1982. I officially write since end of 1999 and I work now as a graphic designer in an advertising agency in Lausanne.

What’s the meaning of your name? And why the 2?
My name comes from different things. My first name was “SIR”. One year later I begun to write “SENZA” I saw this name on a panel on the train, and I found that it sounded good. For me it sounded like a Japanese name (I like Japanese culture, food and girls).
Later I was bored to write this name and I decided to inverse the types, and so “SENZA” become “SEANZ” but the “Z” was not my favourite type and I also transformed the “Z” in a “2” and “sean2” was born.

How and when did you start interesting to Graffiti?
Also, since I was 12 years old I was immerged into the hip hop culture…I was lucky because a lot of Swiss Zulu Nation members were coming to my village do to “break dance” they showed us what real hip hop is. For me the hip hop disciplines were something very interesting…. some of my friends were B-boys, DJ’s, MC’s but no writers…I was really interested by the creation of typography and the only thing I did before in my free time was drawing (always now). So I started to do graffiti. I painted 2 years alone, but not a lot, only 7 pieces during this time. Then I started an art school for 1 year. There we study the construction of types and colour composition (it gives me an other vision of graffiti). Then I started a graphic designer school in Lausanne (I learned a lot of thing and my vision of graffiti changed once again).
I met some writers there, we painted together and they introduced me to others. That’s how I began to have connection in the Swiss-French scene. Since 2004, we found a crew with my friends ( Teos, Dawa, Deter, Kew, Kiro) the “WAK” (wild and kinky).

What did your family think about your “graffiti career” and what do they think now?
They looks after my works, but they don’t really have a critic about what I do…. they just see some strange things into my style and they like the colours but they don’t understand what the style is. I think they see graffiti like something what I do just for fun in my free time. Peace to my family.

Which were the writers and in generally the artists who inspired your works and your view of the letters’ evolutions?
The first writer who really inspired me was Serval (Geneva), and then I wanted to find something different.
I quickly started to sketch regularly letters to find something personal. Later at the art school a teacher told me this: “Less is more”, this thing showed me a different way for letters construction. For me a letter must be simple and stylish. I was also inspired by the German and Spanish style too because it was really straight and build. An other reason that brought me into this modern style was to work with Illustrator. But to get the style you must sketch as often as you can, without this you can’t evolve yourself.

And now who are your favourite writers?
I don’t really have a favourite writer but I respect a lot styles. I like special styles whit a crazy vision of letter construction like (Toast, Most, Revok…) and a lot of others, but I can’t say who’s my favourite writer. I like what’s different and original.

How was born your style and how it has been developed during the years?
The only thing to do to get your own style is to sketch all days. My style was born progressively during the years. I don’t like to do always the same thing…for me the evolution and the experiments of types are the key to find special lines. My style is based on two things, straight lines and curves, with that I try to find some funky moves. I like to do minimal letters and strange things to be different. I’m also inspired by modern design; I like purity “Less is more”.
Graffiti is always changing, more now than before, because we have a lot of documentation and new medias like internet. Now it’s easier to have a bigger visual culture. And all these things have an influence to graffiti. I think it’s positive, I like diversity.

Could you please describe to us a positive and negative moment of your career in graffiti?
Negative moments where at the beginning, when nobody had respected my works and buffed me, it was normal, but that’s the way of graffiti life. The positive moments are like now, for this interview, when someone respects what you do and gives you a chance to advance.

What is (and was) the motivation for writing?
My motivation for writing is to have a constant evolution in my style…I like to search new lines. I’m always searching for the perfect letter. So I try to simplify or do new combination with my letters. I also like to have fun with my friends while we are painting. Peace to my brothers.

How big is the role played by graffiti in your life?
In my life are three important things…my work, paint as much as I can and to take advantage of life.

Do you look at writing as a possible way to express ideological thoughts?
Yes I think, but that’s not my way. When I paint it’s only to for me and to have fun.

How is the writing scene in your country? Please tell us something more, not only name, dates, events…
The writing scene is really active. Switzerland it’s a small country but we have quality and a lot of known writers like Dare, Toast, Smash, Serval, Rosy, and others…In the Swiss-German part they are more active than in the Swiss-French one, I think there are more writers there like in Zurich and Basel. But here in the French part there are a lot of conflicts into the scene. If you want to stay you must be over this. Stay yourself and don’t listen to what the other says. That’s my point of view. We also have our Swiss graffiti culture, it gives us these clean and graphic vision of painting. We generally are perfectionist and meti***us.

What do you think about competition?
I don’t like it. For me graffiti mustn’t be a discipline to have competition, because graffiti is something personal, all writers had is own vision of this art. Graffiti is something you do for yourself.

What do you think about the role of media… (press, internet, my space, fotologs) Can they help the scene or not?
With Internet you can see a lot of unknown writers who have style, I think it’s good for that and it’s also good to get new contacts with other writers, it’s easier as before. All these medias must preserve graffiti and its history.

Describe your typical day…
Get up at 30 past 7 and catch the train to go to work. Then I create and draw for my agency. Work all day until 18 o’clock…then I go to drink a fresh beer….ahhh so fresh. After I take the train back home. At home I eat, then I received some friends, we watch TV, we talk and do some sketches until 24 o’clock…that’s it…waiting for the week-end and do some walls and go to parties.

Apart from painting, what else do you enjoy doing in your free time?
I like to draw, to go to concerts and parties, spend time with my friends and listen to good funky ***. I also like to go to art museums.

Have you ever been in Italy? what did u like most? food, girls, cities, weather..?
Yes I went in Italy 3 times… I visited Venezia, La Spezia and Pisa. What I like in Italy is the old Roman culture, it’s amazing to see what do they do 1000 years before (constructions, technology). I also like pasta and pizza of course. But what I most like is the Italian girls…for sure.

What are your future projects in general?
I want to travel in Europe in a few years and perhaps to live in an other country. I want to found a graphic design agency or work into a nice graphic design studio. I also want to paint as long as I can. I have a lot of others projects now, like make a shirt brand, my website, a book…and we’ll see…..and finally find a girl (I’m always waiting).

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