Silver spray paint tastes sooo good

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Source: DailyMail Online – 28.4.2011
Even if he had not already been arrested for the same offence 47 times before, this mugshot would be a bit of a giveaway.


Kelly Gibson smiles with glazed eyes and silver spray paint covering his chin, nose and half his face for the photo in the U.S.
The addict was arrested by police in Fort Wayne, Indiana, after his wife Elizabeth raised the alarm and taken to Allen County Jail.

The couple had allegedly been arguing before Gibson was found by officers inhaling silver spray paint from a plastic bag.
Police are said to have discovered him with a can of spray paint in one hand and a paint-covered plastic bag in the other.
The house allegedly stank of toxic chemicals and the addict had paint on his hands, mouth, nose and chin.
Solvent abuse is highly dangerous with scores of deaths every year. The first time can kill and prolonged abuse can lead to brain, liver and kidney damage.
Addicts become intoxicated almost immediately because the substances are so strong but the 'high' quickly wears off, often resulting in sustained abuse.

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