The Wildstyle Manifesto

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goldie wildstyle manifesto“Metalheadz is like wildstyle graffiti,” he explains. “The purest form! And a lot of people responsible for it have never had the recognition they deserve. A lot of artists have been doing it for 30 years in New York and are only now getting their dues. They’ve been on a long road. That’s distillation. Wildstyle is complicated. People are just making bubble letters right now. And sadly a lot of those people making the bubble letters can actually make really good wildstyle. But that’s their choice.”

Here’s the crux; bubble letters can be extremely effective, inviting new ears, energy and attention to the scene. It’s a case of how, and when, the bubble letters are drawn. And who they’re drawn by.

Read full interview at Drum&BassArena!

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