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breasts hacker

How Breasts Led to the Arrest of a Hacker
Source: mobiledia.com – 16.4.2012

A hacker was arrested after posting a photo of his girlfriend’s bountiful cleavage, in perhaps the first documented case of “boobris,” or the downfall from lady parts.

The FBI arrested hacker Higinio O. Ochoa III after using the iPhone’s photo GPS to pinpoint the location of his Australian girlfriend, who posed “Girls Gone Wild” style for a picture meant to taunt authorities.

After hacking into various government websites, Ochoa couldn’t resist posting a racy photo of his main squeeze, along with the grammatically dubious caption, “PwNd by w0rmer & CabinCr3w <3 u b*****!”

Authorities were not as “PwNd” as Ochoa hoped. They used the photo to track down his girlfriend, and then him, with the help of Facebook and Twitter. Since the Supreme Court ruled warrants are necessary for GPS tracking, they likely pursued the leader after getting one.

Although an identifying photo on Facebook shows the girlfriend’s face, the breast-centric picture does not. Law enforcement has used facial recognition software to track suspects in the past, but the FBI could not use it in this case, as the racy picture hid the woman’s face.

Still, the FBI insists it has definitive evidence that the two women are the same — opening up the possibility that the FBI has moved beyond facial recognition into more scandalous software.

The FBI is holding Ochoa in Houston, and he insists he will not inform on Anonymous like LulzSec leader-turned-informant Sabu. However, now that the FBI knows Ochoa has a serious weakness for voluptuous bosoms, who knows what sort of interrogation techniques — or scenery — they’ll employ to get information out of him.

By Kate Knibbs

Posted in Public Media News

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